Perkins, Algernon

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Algernon Perkins, of Hanworth Park, Middlesex, was the second but eldest surviving son of the well known book collector, Henry Perkins, of Hanworth Park, Middlesex, and Jane Latham. Educated at Oriel College Oxford, where he matriculated 20 October 1826 age seventeen, and took his B.A. in 1831 and his M.A. in 1833. He then entered as a Student of the Inner Temple in 1831. He married Sophia, daughter of George William Soltau, of Little Efford in Devon. He died without issue in 1872. After his death the library was sold at auction by Gadsden, Ellis & Co at Hanworth on 3 6 June 1873, when the 865 lots produced £26,000. It contained no less than two copies of the Gutenberg Bible, one printed on vellum and a second on paper.

Sale Dates: 
3-6 June 1873
Seat / Residence(s): 
Hanworth Park, Middlesex
Auction House: 
Gadsden, Ellis & Co