Book of Common Prayer. 1589

TitleBook of Common Prayer. 1589
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1589
AuthorsChurch of England
LibraryParham House Sussex
NotesSmith and Benger, p. 30
BindingBound in calf with stamp 2 in gold
Hatton, Christopher, Sir (1540 - 1591) (Stamp 2)
Arms Quarterly of eleven 1. A chevron between three garbs (Hatton) 2. A cross flory between four martlets (Golborne) 3. An eagle displayed (Bruin) 4. On a bend three covered cups (Rixton) 5. A cross engrailed ermine (Hallum [Hallom?]) 6. A saltire (Hellesby) 7. A chevron between three garbs a crescent for difference (Hatton) 8. A fess humetty in chief a crescent (Bostock) 9. Five cinquefoils in cross (Holdenby) 10. Three bendlets on a canton a castle fired (Carvile) 11. On a chief three fleurs de lys (Washingley) Crest a hind statant Helmet of an Esquire
Heraldic Charges: 
bend, on abendlets (3)canton, on acastlechevron betweenchief, on acinquefoils (5)cross engrailedcross flory betweencups (3)eagle displayedfess humettyfleurs-de-lys (3)garbs (3)hindmartlets (4)saltire