Solida refutatio virulentæ illius apologiæ

TitleSolida refutatio virulentæ illius apologiæ
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1607
AuthorsOsiander L
LibraryYork Minster
Call NumberIX.P.10
BindingBound in calf with stamp 4 in gold
Matthew, Tobias, Archbishop of York (1546 - 1628) (Stamp 4)
Arms Two keys in saltire in chief an imperial crown (See of York) impaling Quarterly 1 & 4. A lion rampant (Matthew) 2 & 3. Three chevrons (Matthew [Clare?])
Heraldic Charges: 
chevrons (3)crown, imperialkeys (2)lion rampantlions rampant (4)