Antiquities & scenery of the north of Scotland

TitleAntiquities & scenery of the north of Scotland
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1780
AuthorsCordiner C
LibraryClements Collection National Art Library
Call NumberCLE J4
BindingBound in vellum with the stamp in gold
BookplateArmorial bookplate of Charles George Milnes Gaskell [Franks 11724] [Charles George Milnes-Gaskell (1842-1919)]
SignatureGift to Milnes from Wentworth B. Beaumont
Milnes, James (1755 - 1805) (Stamp 1)
Arms Azure a chevron between three windmill sails or Crest A garb or charged with a fess dancetty azure thereon three mullets argent
Heraldic Charges: 
chevron betweenfess dancettygarbmullets (3)windmill sails (3)