Newling, John (1763 -1838)

The Reverend John Newling was the son of the Reverend Charles Newling Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge. He was educated at Shrewsbury School and Birmingham and admitted pensioner of St John’s College, Cambridge 12 June 1781, age eighteen. He matriculated the same year, became a Scholar in 1782, took his B.A. 1785 , his M.A. 1789, and B.D.1797. He was a Fellow of the College from 1789-1804, was ordained Deacon in the see of Lichfield and Coventry 1787, was Curate of Eyton in Shropshire 1787-1789, Vicar of Chirbury 1789-1802, Perpetual Curate of Ford 1802-1811, Rector of Ditchingham in Norfolk 1802-1838 and Canon Residentiary of Lichfield Cathedral 1802-1838. He married 1 December 1810, Ann Frances eldest daughter of the Reverend John Lettice, Vicar of Peasmarsh. Chaplain to Viscount Sidney he was a student of heraldry and had a magnificent library of heraldic works. He was a Justice of the Peace for Shropshire and Staffordshire. He died 1 July 1838.

Newcastle upon Tyne N/A

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Motto: In hoc signo vinces
Crest: A lion's gamb erased holding a cross patty fitchy
Heraldic Charges: cross patty, Heraldic Charges: lion's foot
Motto: Fortiter defendit triumphans
Crest: Out of a tower a demi-lion holding a banner
Arms: Three towers
Heraldic Charges: banner, Heraldic Charges: lion, demi-, Heraldic Charges: tower, Heraldic Charges: towers (3)