Clements, Henry John Beresford

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Henry John Beresford
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Henry John Beresford Clements, of Killadoon, County Kildare and Lough Rynn, County Leitrim, was the eldest son of Henry Theophilus Clements of Ashfield Court County Cavan in Ireland and Gertrude Caroline Lucy, daughter of the Reverend David F. Markham, Canon of Windsor. Born 22 October 1869, he was educated at Eton,. He married Eleonore, youngest daughter of William Wickham F.L.S. and F.R.G.S. of Binsted Wyck. They had three sons and three daughters. Mr Clements was a Deputy Lieutenant and a Justice of the Peace for Leitrim and Kildare, and served as High Sheriff of Leitrim 1893, and for County Cavan in 1891. He succeeded to the estate on his father’s death 7 January 1904. He died 9 July 1940. Mr Clements collected a very fine collection of armorial bookbindings which he bequeathed to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and wrote about the subject, and lectured on it to the Bibliographical Society of London shortly before his death. He published a Check list of English armorials in the Book Collector’s Quarterly No.14 (1934) p.64-72; No.15 (1934) p. 63-78; No.16 (1934) p. 64-72; No.17 (1935) p. 36-46 and a privately published Supplement (1938) and an article on Armorial bookstamps and their owners in The Library 4th series Vol. 20 (1939) p.125-135.

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Killadoon, Kildare
Lough Rynn, Leitrim
Biographical Sources: 
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