Edda Islandorum an. Chr. M.CC.XV islandice

TitleEdda Islandorum an. Chr. M.CC.XV islandice
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1665
AuthorsSnorri Sturluson
LibraryTrinity College Cambridge
BindingBound in calf with the stamp in gold
BookplateArmorial bookplate of Frances Mary Richardson Currer [Franks 7624] [Frances Mary Richardson Currer (1785-1861)]; Inked stamp : “Bibliotheca Heberiana”; Embossed stamp and signature of William Grylls
Call NumberGrylls.17.148
Smythe, Percy Clinton Sydney, 6th Viscount Strangford  (1780 - 1855) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of twelve 1. A chevron engrailed between three lions passant gardant (Smythe) 2. A fess raguly between three boars heads couped (Judd) 3. Three lions rampant within a bordure (Chiche) 4. Two chevrons and a canton (Crioll) 5. A cross voided (Crevecoeur) 6. Five chevrons (Averenches [Avering]) 7. A chevron between three cinquefoils (Chichele) 8. A cross lined (Apuldrefield of Linsted) 9. Ermine a fess vair (Apuldrefield of Apuldrefield) 10. On a chevron a mullet (Mirfine) 11. A unicorn [rampant] between eight cross crosslets (Don) 12. A chevron between three eagles displayed...
Heraldic Charges: