Epistolæ Græcanicae mutuæ

TitleEpistolæ Græcanicae mutuæ
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1606
AuthorsCujas, J
LibraryWorcester College Oxford
BindingBound in calf with the stamp in gold
BookplateArmorial bookplate of Geo. Clarke Coll. O.A. Soc. [Franks 5924] [George Clarke (1661 1736)]
Call NumberK.6.6
Parry, Thomas, Sir (1541-1616)  (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of six 1 & 6. A chevron between three boys heads couped at the shoulders with serpents wound round their necks (Parry) 2. A chevron between three spearheads embrued (Gamme [Watkyn or Game]) 3. Three cocks (Gamme) 4. A lion rampant crowned (Gamme [Game or Watkyn]) 5. A bull's head couped between three mullets (Havard)
Heraldic Charges: