Harborne, William

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William Harborne was the second son of William Harborne of Great Yarmouth, one of the two bailiffs of the town in 1556, and again in 1572. He visited Turkey in 1578, and was successful in obtaining from the Grand Signior letters inviting the friendship of Queen Elizabeth I. As a result, the Turkey Company was established in London and a flourishing trade grew up. He was granted these arms by patent from Robert Cooke, Clarenceux, 25 September 1582, and was made ambassador to Turkey on the 20 November. He returned to Turkey in January 1583, and remained there until 1588 when he returned overland, settled at Mundham in Norfolk, married, 16 September 1589, Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Drury of Besthorp, became a Freeman of Great Yarmouth in 1591, and a Member of the Levant Company on its foundation in 1592.

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Mundham, Norfolk
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