Herculanensium voluminum quæ supersunt

TitleHerculanensium voluminum quæ supersunt
Publication TypeBook
Ponsonby, William Francis Spencer, 1st Baron De Mauley  (1787 - 1855) (Stamp 2)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. Gules a chevron between three combs argent (Ponsonby) 2 & 3. Azure (should be sable) a lion passant gardant argent, a chief engrailed or (Margetson) impaling on an escutcheon of pretence Quarterly 1 & 4. Three bulls passant in pale (Ashley) 2 & 3. Gules a bend engrailed between six lions rampant (Cooper)
Heraldic Charges: 
bend engrailed betweenbulls (3)chevron betweenchief engrailedcombs (3)lion passant gardantlions rampant (6)