Observations historical and genealogical

TitleObservations historical and genealogical
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1693
AuthorsSchowart, AWilhelm
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in red goatskin with stamp 1 in gold on the covers
Call Number269.h.32
Arms Quarterly 1. England impaling Scotland 2. France 3. Ireland 4. Tierced in pairle reversed Two lions passant gardant (Brunswick) Semy of hearts a lion rampant (Lunenberg) A horse courant (Saxony) overall on an escutcheon gules the crown of Charlemagne (High Treasurer of the Empire); a label of five points for difference. Impaling Quarterly of fifteen (Princess Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline, of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1683-1737), commonly known as Caroline of Ansbach) 1. Per fess (Magdeburg) 2. An eagle displayed (Brandenburg) 3. An eagle displayed (Jägerndorff) 4. A...