Rituale Romanum

TitleRituale Romanum
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsCatholic Church
Smythe, Thomas, 1st Viscount Strangford  (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of nine 1. A chevron engrailed between three lions passant gardant (Smythe) 2. A fess raguly between three boars heads couped (Judd) 3. Three lions rampant within a bordure (Chiche) 4. Two chevrons and a canton (Crioll) 5. A cross voided (Crevequer) 6. Five chevrons (Averenches [Avering?]) 7. A chevron between three cinquefoils (Chichele) 8. A cross lined (Apuldrefield) 9. On a chevron a mullet, a crescent for difference (Mirfine) Crest A leopard's head erased pellety collared chained and ringed
Heraldic Charges: 
boars heads (3)bordurecantonchevron betweenchevron engrailed betweenchevron, on achevrons (2)chevrons (5)cinquefoils (3)cross linedcross voidedfessfess raguly betweenleopard's headlions passant (3)lions passant gardant (3)lions rampant (3) withinmullet