Seymour, Edward

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1st Earl of Hertford
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Sir Edward Seymour was the third son, the eldest by his second wife, of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset, and Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Stanhope of Rampton. He was educated with Prince Edward, at whose coronation as Edward VI, 20 February 1547 he was knighted, and was styled Earl of Hartford between 1547 and 1552. His father was executed for felony, and his title and estates forfeited by Act of Parliament in 1552. A few of his father's estates were restored to him during Edward's reign, though he was dependent on Sir John Thynne at that time. Mary restored him in blood, but was dissuaded from making him Earl of Hertford. He was restored to all the estates that his father had inherited and created Baron Beauchamp of Hache and Earl of Hertford by Queen Elizabeth in 1559. He married, secretly, in 1560, Lady Catherine Grey, daughter and heir of Henry, Duke of Suffolk, and sister of Lady Jane Grey. Both were committed to the Tower, where Edward remained for nine years, and was fine £15,000 for having seduced a lady of royal blood. The death of his wife somewhat ameliorated the royal displeasure. After her death, he married Frances, daughter of Thomas Viscount Howard of Bindon, and widow of Henry Pranell of London.

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Elvetham, Hampshire