Severall proceedings in Parliament

TitleSeverall proceedings in Parliament
Publication TypeBook
Brereton, William, Sir, 1st Baronet (1604 - 1661) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of six 1. Two bars a cross patoncy charged with five roundels a crescent for difference and in dexter chief the hand of Ulster (Brereton) 2. A chevron between three crescents (Ipstones) 3. An estoile of eight points pierced 4. A scythe (Praers) 5. Semy de lys a lion rampant gardant overall a bend (Holland) 6. A fess dancetty (Cheadle) Crest On a chapeau a dragon statant wings extended
Heraldic Charges: 
bars (2)bendchapeau, on achevron betweencrescents (3)cross patoncydragonestoilefess dancettylion rampantroundels (5)scythe