Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1604
AuthorsSaint Gregory T
LibraryNew College Oxford
Call NumberRobinson Tower A.18.21
Browne, Anthony, 2nd Viscount Montague  (1574-1629) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly Ist grand quarter 1 & 4. On a bend cotised three lions passant a crescent for difference (Browne) 2 & 3. Quarterly 1 & 4. A lion rampant (FitzAlan) 2 & 3. A fret (Maltravers) IInd grand quarter 1 & 4. A saltire a label gobony (Nevill) 2. Three lozenges in fess (Montacute) 3. An eagle displayed (Monthermer) IIIrd grand quarter 1. Three lions passant gardant in pale a bordure (Edmund of Woodstock) 2 & 3. A saltire engrailed (Tiptoft) 4. A lion rampant (Meschines) IVth grand quarter 1. A cross engrailed (Ingoldsthorpe) 2. On a canton a rose (Bradston) 3. A fess between...
Heraldic Charges: