Monument élevé à la gloire de Pierre le Grand

TitleMonument élevé à la gloire de Pierre le Grand
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1777
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in red goatskin with the stamp in gold on both covers
Call Number61.g.2
Charlotte Sophia, Queen Consort of George III (1744 - 1818) (Stamp 2)
Arms Two coats side by side 1. Quarterly 1 & 4. France and England quarterly 2. Scotland 3. Ireland 2. Quarterly of six 1. A bull's head caboshed ringed (Mecklenburg) 2. A griffin segreant (Wenden) 3. On a chief a griffin segreant (Principality of Schwerin) 4. A cross patty (Ratzeburg) 5. An arm in armour embowed out of a cloud in sinister chief holding an annulet (County of Schwerin) 6. A (Rostock) over all on an escutcheon of pretence Per fess (Stargard) Crown An imperial crown
Heraldic Charges: