Theorike and practike of moderne warres

TitleTheorike and practike of moderne warres
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1598
AuthorsBarret, R
LibraryPenes private collector Washington DC
Other CitationPenes private collector Washington DC
BindingBound in calf with stamp 2 in gold
Covert, Walter, Sir (1544-1632)  (Stamp 2)
Arms Quarterly of thirteen 1. A fess ermine between three martlets (Covert) 2. Barry of five ermine and gules a canton ermine (Bramshott [Husey?]) 3. A fess between three leopards faces (Vanner) 4. A chevron between three garbs (Fagger [Tagger?]) 5. Three crescents a canton ermine (Cooke) 6. Lozengy a fess (Rokesley [Rockley?]) 7. A cross in chief two cross crosslets fitchy (Burford) 8. On a chief three lions rampant (Lisley) 9. A cross (Bohun) 10. A bend lozengy (Hereford or Witefield) 11. On a chief three crosses patty fitchy (Strongbow?) 12. Three garbs (MacMurrough? [Braose?]) ...
Heraldic Charges: