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Publication TypeBook
Other CitationA rubbing on card in the Clements Collection National Art Library
Cripps-Day, Francis Henry (1864-1961)  (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. Ermine on a pale gules a horseshoe or on a chief azure a crescent between two suns in splendour (Day) 2 & 3. Erminois on a chevron engrailed vert between two roses in pale gules five horseshoes argent (Cripps) Crests 1. Upon a mount vert a greyhound's head erased argent collared and with a line affixed thereto gules and in front a fountain (Day) 2. Upon a mount a giraffe [cameleopard] statant holding in the mouth a rose (Cripps)
Heraldic Charges: