Historie of the Councel of Trent

TitleHistorie of the Councel of Trent
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1629
AuthorsSarpi P
LibraryUniversity of Edinburgh
BindingBound in calf with a semis of ermine tails, stamp 1 and the following inscription on the upper board `DATVM PRIMARIO, REGIS IACOBI SEXTI / COLLEGII EDINBVRGI IN VSVM REGENTIVM / MAGISTRORVM ET STVDENTIVM IN DICTO / COLLEGIO' and `EX DONO DAVIDIS FOVLIS DE
Call NumberB*.18.54
Foulis, David, Sir, 1st Baronet  (1582-1642)  (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. Three laurel leaves (Foulis) 2. Per pale nebuly six martlets two, two and one (Fleetwood) 3. A dexter hand couped barways (Baremaine)
Heraldic Charges: