Cy ensuont certeyne cases reportes

TitleCy ensuont certeyne cases reportes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1579
AuthorsPlowden, E
LibraryCorpus Christi College Oxford
BindingBound in calf with stamp 2 in gold
SignatureSignature on the titlepage: “Chr. Hatton”; Inscription on the front flyleaf: “Anno Dm. M624 Julij 15 Mr Iohannes Hampton socius CCC discedens donavit hunc librum eidem”
Call Number?.12.4
Hatton, Christopher, Sir (1540 - 1591) (Stamp 2)
Arms Quarterly of eleven 1. A chevron between three garbs (Hatton) 2. A cross flory between four martlets (Golborne) 3. An eagle displayed (Bruin) 4. On a bend three covered cups (Rixton) 5. A cross engrailed ermine (Hallum [Hallom?]) 6. A saltire (Hellesby) 7. A chevron between three garbs a crescent for difference (Hatton) 8. A fess humetty in chief a crescent (Bostock) 9. Five cinquefoils in cross (Holdenby) 10. Three bendlets on a canton a castle fired (Carvile) 11. On a chief three fleurs de lys (Washingley) Crest a hind statant Helmet of an Esquire
Heraldic Charges: