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Other CitationA rubbing in the Clements Collection National Art Library: “Penes W.G. Leevis”
King, Edward, 1st Earl of Kingston  (1726 - 1797) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1. Two lions rampant combatant supporting a dexter hand erect couped at the wrist a crescent for difference (King) 2. Three bars nebuly (Blount) 3. Three horses heads (Blayney) 4. A fess between three cross crosslets fitchy (Gore) in fess point the hand of Ulster Supporters Two lions rampant collared, chained, ringed and ducally crowned Crest Out of a ducal coronet a hand erect the third and fourth fingers turned down Helmet of a peer Coronet of a Baron Motto SPES TUTISSIMA COELIS
Heraldic Charges: