Papal heraldry

TitlePapal heraldry
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1930
AuthorsGalbreath, DL
LibraryParham House Sussex
BindingBound in red brown deerskin with stamp 1 in gold; Pencil note: “Bound in Parham Deerskin”
Pearson, Alicia (1893-1974)  (Stamp 1)
Arms Per fess indented gules and or two suns in chief and a demi-griffin in base counterchanged a crescent for cadency impaling Quarterly 1 & 4. On a mount vert two boars erect respecting each other sable their forelegs resting against an oak tree (Hugessen) 2 & 3. Azure three cross crosslets fitchy between two bendlets or (Knatchbull) Crest In front of a demi griffin gules holding a millstone with a millrind sable a sun in splendour Motto DO IT WITH THY MIGHT
Heraldic Charges: