Miscellaneous collections on heraldry and genealogy

TitleMiscellaneous collections on heraldry and genealogy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1603
AuthorsSir Saint George R
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in vellum with the stamp in gold on both covers
Call Number Add MS 47173-47176
Saint George, Richard, Sir (1550-1635)  (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of six 1. A chief overall a lion rampant ducally crowned (Saint George) 2. A cross flory (St George ancient) 3. Three covered cups (Argentine) 4. Semy of cross crosslets three fleurs de lys (Beresford) 5. A fess dancetty between six escallops (Engaine) 6. An estoile (Delahay) Legend * SIGILLVM * RICARDI * SANCTIGEORGII
Heraldic Charges: