XCVI sermons

TitleXCVI sermons
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1641
AuthorsAndrewes, L
Other CitationMaggs Catalogue 1075 (1987) item 61
BindingBound in red goatskin with the stamp in gold. Suffield crest on a blue goatskin label on the spine
BookplateArmorial bookplate of Edward Harbord Lord Suffield [Franks 13652] [Edward Harbord, Baron Suffield (1781-ca. 1850)]
Unidentified Stamp
Monogram D Y C Coronet of an Earl
Possibilities for Identification: 
The monogram is clearly a separate block from the palm branches and the coronet that accompany it. Maggs comments ‘The College of Arms cannot find any Earldom of the period where the initials D Y C would be appropriate.