Memories of the months

TitleMemories of the months
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1897
AuthorsMaxwell, Herbert, S
LibraryThomas Fisher Library University of Toronto
BindingBound in vellum by Birdsall with the stamp in gold
BinderBirdsall (Northampton)
Call Numberbird 0085
Unidentified Stamp
Monogram M L Coronet of an Earl Countess
Possibilities for Identification: 
The monogram M L points to an Earl or a Countess with a title that begins in L. There were a number of Countesses in 1897 that fitted that description: Mildred Countess of Lichfield; Millicent Countess of Lindsey, whose husband also had the Christian name Montagu; Mary Countess of Longford. Ernestine Mary Countess of Listowel, and Alice Mary Countess of Loudon are also possible.