Devotionis Augustinianæ flamma

TitleDevotionis Augustinianæ flamma
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1635
AuthorsAustin, W
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in calf with the stamp in gold on both covers
BookplateArmorial bookplate of Henry Stevens Trin. Coll.
Call NumberC.67.h.13
Unidentified Stamp
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. A boar passant (unidentified) 2. A bend (unidentified) 3. On a chevron between three mullets of six points three lozenges (Butts) 4. Checky a chief ermine (unidentified) Crest A double panache of ostrich feathers Motto MUNDUS IN MUNDO
Possibilities for Identification: 
Davenport identifies these arms as Trewarthen, the second quartering as Blackborne, the third as Butts, and the fourth as Coleshill, but admits to having failed to identify the member of the family of Trewarthen who used the stamp. The identification of the quarterings is probably a random selection from the possibilities offered by Papworth. Without putting too much faith in the hypothesis, and still only working from Papworth, it is possible to offer a more likely interpretation prima facie. The only one of the quarterings which can be certainly identified is the third, and this is the family of Butts of Norfolk. Davenport's Bend for Blackborne is presumably Papworth's `Argent a bend sable' for which no location is given. It is not in Burke's General armory, which lists different arms for Blackborne of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Sussex. Trewarthen is a Cornish name and Coleshill with a chief goutty de sang, as in Davenport's description of the stamp, but not in the illustration, where it is ermine, is also of Cornwall. If, however we assume for the moment that all four quarters are from Norfolk, this would give Randolfe for the first quarter, the second quarter is too common a charge to be identified, Butts is in the third quarter, and assuming the illustration is right and Davenport's description is wrong, Tattershall in the last. This is of course speculation, and the stamp should be treated as Unidentified.
Heraldic Charges: