rams heads (3)

rams heads (3)
Walsingham, Francis, Sir (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of nine 1. Paly of six a fess (Walsingham) 2. Bezanty a cross humetty checky (Walsingham) 3. A lion rampant (Nortoft) 4. Ermine on a chief dancetty a trefoil slipped between two annulets (Bamme) 5. Goutty a fess nebuly within a bordure (Dryland) 6. On a chevron between three garbs three cross crosslets fitchy (Dryland) 7. On a bend another bend nebuly in the sinister chief a cross crosslet fitchy (Writtle) 8. Two bars and a canton overall a bend (Boyse) 9. A chevron between three rams heads (Ramsey) In honour point a crescent for difference Crest Out of a mural coronet a...
Heraldic Charges: 
annulets (2)bars (2)bend nebulybend, on abezantybordurecantonchevron betweenchevron, on a, betweenchief dancetty, on acoronet, mural, out of across crossletcrosses crosslet (3)cross humettyfessfess nebuly withingarbs (3)gouttylion rampantpaly (6)rams heads (3)tiger's headtrefoil
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