Bagge, James, Sir (1590N/A

Sir James Bagge of Plymouth, was the eldest son and heir of John Bagge, of Plymouth, and Margaret, daughter of John Stone, of Trevigo in Cornwall. He purchased Saltram House in Devon about 1614. He succeeded his father in 1624, was knighted at Salcombe in 1625, and was Captain of the Fort at Plymouth 2 July 1629. He was both the MP for Plymouth and the city Mayor. His wife Grace, daughter of John Fortescue, of Buckland Filleigh, was descended from Martin Fortescue of Elsington in Gloucestershire and Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Richard Deynsell of Buckland Filleigh and Weare Giffard in Devon.

Seat / Residence(s): Saltram House, Devon
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Title: Bagge, James, Sir (1590) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Lozengy on a chief three cinquefoils (Bagge)
Crest: Two wings a cinquefoil on the sinister
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width):
Impalement: Quarterly 1 & 4. A bend engrailed plain cotised (Fortescue) 2 & 3. A crescent within the horns a mullet pierced (Deynsell or Denzell) a crescent for difference
Heraldic Charges: bend engrailed cotised, Heraldic Charges: chief, on a, Heraldic Charges: cinquefoil, Heraldic Charges: cinquefoils (3), Heraldic Charges: crescent, Heraldic Charges: lozengy, Heraldic Charges: mullet, Heraldic Charges: wings (2)