Blakiston, Arthur Tyton (1834 -1924)

Arthur Tyton Blakiston was born 5 December 1834 in London, the son of Arthur Browne Blakiston, and Emma Susannah Abbot. He was educated at St John’s College Oxford, where he matriculated 26 June 1854, aged nineteen. He may be the Arthur Cuthbert Tyton Blakiston who was declared insolvent by a Queensland court in 1868, but no definite connection can be made. He spent the latter part of his life living with his sister in Walcott, Bath. He died, unmarried, 11 January 1924. The engraver of his stamp has misspelt “tyton”.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Blakiston, Arthur Tyton (1834 - 1924) (Stamp 1) Motto: In regno decus
Helmet: Esquire
Crest: A cock
Arms: Two bars in chief three cocks
Heraldic Charges: bars (2), Heraldic Charges: cock, Heraldic Charges: cocks (3)