Braikenridge, George Weare (1775 -1856)

George Weare Braikenridge, of Broomwell House, Bristol, and Brislington in Somerset, was born in Virginia, the son of a tobacco planter and merchant, George Braikenridge of Bristol, and his Virginian wife. After the family’s return to England, George married Mary, daughter of Robert Bush of Tracy Park in Gloucestershire. He earned a living as a merchant trading with the Caribbean. Retiring in 1820, he devoted himself to antiquarianism, creating a large collection of Bristolian historical and topographical material known as the Braikenridge Collection. It contains over 1400 drawings and watercolours of Bristol landscapes and buildings, and is held in the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, with related collections of manuscripts and other items held by the Bristol Record Office, and the Bristol Central Library, which houses Braikenridge’s extra-illustrated copy of William Barrett’s History and Antiquities of the City of Bristol, running to thirty-six volumes. Braikenridge’s collections were bequeathed to the city on the death of the last of his children, William Jerdone Braikenridge (1817–1907) whose book collection was sold at Sotheby's 18 May 1908, 4 June 1908, 19 December 1933 and 25 April 1934.

Seat / Residence(s): Broomwell House, Bristol
Library Auction Details: Sotheby's (18 May 1908), (4 June 1908), (19 December 1933), (25 April 1934)
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Braikenridge, George Weare (1775 - 1856) (Stamp 1) Crest: A beehive on a stand surrounded by bees
Heraldic Charges: beehive
Braikenridge, George Weare (1775 - 1856) (Stamp 2) Heraldic Charges: beehive
Braikenridge, George Weare (1775 - 1856) (Stamp 3) Heraldic Charges: beehive