Cooper, Austin (1759 -1830)

Born 26 February 1759, Austin Cooper, of Merrion Square, Dublin and Kinsaley, County Dublin, was the third, but second surviving, son of William George Cooper, of Killenmure. He entered the Treasurers Office in Dublin in 1774, became Paymaster of Pensions on the Civil and Military Establishments and was Deputy Constable of Dublin Castle 1793-1830. He married, 17 July 1786, Sarah Mauvillier, second daughter of Thomas Turner. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy, he died as the result of a carriage accident 30 August 1830. His diaries were published in 1939 as An Eighteenth Century Antiquary 1759-1830.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Cooper, Austin (1759 - 1830) (Stamp 1) Title: Cooper, Austin (1759 - 1830) (Stamp 1)
Crest: On a chapeau turned up ermine a bull passant
Dimensions (height x width): 32mm x 32mm
Heraldic Charges: bull, Heraldic Charges: chapeau, on a