Dean or Tindall N/A

The name of the binder provides a clue as to the approximate date for the use of this stamp. Charles Murton was a London bookbinder, who worked between 1821 and 1840. The arms of Deane of Matlock in Derbyshire, and afterwards of Buly, descended from Deane of Deane Hall in Northamptonshire, were Or a fess dancetty in chief three crescents gules. The book is not listed in the catalogue of the library of Professor Amos Dean which was sold at fixed prices by Joseph Sabin in New York in 1868; nor in that of the Rev. John Bathurst Deane, part of which was sold at auction, in a mixed sale, by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on 12 November 1889. The family of Tyndale of Deane in Northamptonshire, Hockwold in Norfolk, Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire, and Bathford in Somerset, descended from Robert de Tyndale, feudal baron of South Tynedale and Langeley Castle in Northumberland in the Time of Henry III, bore Argent a fess dancetty in chief three crescents gules in the second quarter for Dean. The arms of Tindall of Norfolk and Suffolk are given as Argent a fess dancetty in chief three crescents gules, with the crest Out of a ducal coronet or a plume of five feathers argent, which is similar to that of Tyndale of Deane. There is an anonymous bookplate that closely resembles the stamp.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Dean or Tindall (Stamp 1) Title: Dean or Tindall (Stamp 1)
Arms: A fess dancetty in chief three crescents
Crest: A griffin statant
Motto: Vivite vivantque
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width): 26mm x 20mm
Heraldic Charges: crescents (3), Heraldic Charges: fess dancetty, Heraldic Charges: griffin statant