De Courcy , Gerald, 24th Baron Kingsale (1700 -1759)

Gerald De Courcy, 24th Baron Kingsale, was the son of Miles De Courcy, third son of Patrick, 20th Baron, and Elizabeth, youngest daughter, and eventually sole heiress of Anthony Sadleir, of Arley Hall in Warwickshire. His claim to the barony, to which he succeeded in 1720 on the death of his cousin Almericus, who had been outlawed for his loyalty to James II, was recognized by George I in 1720, and by George II in 1727. He married, 13 May 1725, Margaretta, only daughter and heir of John Essington, of Ashlyns, in Hertfordshire. They had three daughters, but no sons. Consequently on Baron Kingsale’s death the barony passed to a distant cousin. The binding, by the Oxford binder Thomas Sedgley, is on the dedication copy of the book.

Seat / Residence(s): Arley Hall, Warwickshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
De Courcy , Gerald, 24th Baron Kingsale (1700 - 1759) (Stamp 1) Title: De Courcy , Gerald, 24th Baron Kingsale (1700 - 1759) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Three eagles displayed crowned
Motto: Vincit omnia veritas
Dimensions (height x width): 37mm x 32mm
Heraldic Charges: eagles displayed (3)