Durie, Andrew, Bishop of Galloway (1492 -1558)

Andrew Durie was the son of John Durie, of Durie in Fife, and brother of George Durie, Abbot of Dunfermline and Archdeacon of St Andrews. Both brothers entered the church under the patronage of their uncle Archbishop James Beaton. Andrew was made Abbot of Melrose in 1525, though against the opposition of James V, and Bishop of Galloway (Whithorn, i.e. Candida Casa) 3 July 1541 on the nomination of James V. The original binding stamp is reported by Edward Gordon Duff to have been in the Museum of the Perth Literary and Antiquarian Society in 1920. The Museum claim, however, that there is no record of it there now, but that it may have been a loan reclaimed when the Museum was taken over by the local authority.

Seat / Residence(s): Durie, Fife
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Durie, Andrew, Bishop of Galloway (1492-1558)  (Stamp 1) Title: Durie, Andrew, Bishop of Galloway (1492 - 1558) (Stamp 1)
Arms: A chevron between three crescents
Motto: Adveniat
Dimensions (height x width): 60mm x 43mm
Heraldic Charges: chevron between, Heraldic Charges: crescents (3)