Grey, Henry, Duke of Kent (1671 -1740)

Henry Grey was the only son and heir of Anthony Grey, 11th Earl of Kent, and Mary, only child of John Lucas, 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield in Essex, who was created a few weeks before the marriage Baroness Lucas of Crudwell, in Wiltshire, with remainder to her issue male by her husband. On her death he accordingly succeeded as Baron Lucas of Crudwell, and in 1702 succeeded his father as 12th Earl of Kent. He was Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1704 1710, and was created Viscount Goodrich, Earl of Harold in Bedfordshire, and Marquess of Kent 14 November 1706, Duke of Kent 28 April 1710, on resigning the post of Lord Chamberlain, and made a Knight of the Garter in 1713. He was one of the Lords Justices of the realm on the deaths of Queen Anne and George I, Lord of the Bedchamber and Constable of Windsor Castle 1714 1716, Lord Steward of the Household 1716 1719, and Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal 1719 1720. He was twice married, firstly, 26 March 1695, to Jemima, daughter and coheir of Thomas Crew, 2nd Baron Crew of Stene, and secondly, 24 March 1729 to Sophia daughter of William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland. His three sons, by his first wife, Anthony, Earl of Harold, Henry and Lucas all died during his life time, and on 19 May 1740 he obtained a grant of the title of Marquess of Grey with a special remainder of that dignity, failing heirs male, to his granddaughter Jemima Campbell spinster and the heirs male of her body. Guillim's Display of Heraldry (1723) states that the Duke had latterly laid aside the three torteaux, and gives his motto as Foy pour tout. Elvin's Handbook of Mottoes gives Stat religione parentum as the motto of De Grey, and of Lucas of Castle Thane. It seems probable that it was the motto of Lord Lucas of Shenfield, and passed to the Duke through his mother with the Barony of Lucas of Crudwell.

Seat / Residence(s): Wrest Park House, Bedfordshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Title: Grey, Henry, Duke of Kent (1671 - 1740) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Barry of six in chief three torteaux [roundels]
Motto: Stat religione
Order: Garter
Supporters: Two wyverns
Dimensions (height x width): 95mm x 95mm
Coronet: Duke
Heraldic Charges: barry (6), Heraldic Charges: roundels (3)