Guy, Henry (1631 -1711)

Henry Guy was the only son of Henry Guy, of Tring, and Elizabeth, daughter of Frances Wethered of Ashlyns, Berkhampstead in Hertfordshire. He was educated at Gray's Inn, where he was admitted a Student in 1648, migrated to the Inner Temple in 1652, and was created an M.A. as of Christ Church, Oxford 28 September 1663. Guy attached himself to the exiled court, becoming a personal friend of Charles II, and a companion of his pleasures. He was elected Member of Parliament for Hedon 1670 1681, 1685 1687, 1689 1695 and 1702 1708. He was cupbearer to the Queen, an officer of the excise in the north, and Secretary to the Commissioners of the Treasury, and Groom of the Bedchamber 1679. He was imprisoned in the Tower for bribery 16 February 1695, but was returned for Hedon in the first Parliament of Queen Anne. He left a fortune estimated at £40,000 in cash and £500 per annum in land to the grandson of Sir William Pulteney, the Whig statesman who became Earl of Bath in 1742. Guillim's Display of heraldry. London, 1724 gives the arms undifferenced except for the hand of Ulster as `the Coat of Sir John Guise of Elmore in Gloucestershire, Baronet. As also of Henry Guy, or Guise, of Dunsley in Hertfordshire, Esq;' Neither the crest nor the quartering belong to the Guise family of Gloucestershire. Dunsley in Hertfordshire is now Tring, so it seems very likely that this stamp is that of Henry Guy, though less so that he came from a branch of the Guise family of Gloucestershire. In fact the family does not appear in the heraldic visitations of Northamptonshire. The second and third quarters are either Atkinson of Newark in Nottinghamshire, granted 1663, Ermine on a fess sable three pheons argent, Claggett of Kent and London, Ermine on a fess sable three pheons or, or perhaps Nicolas Claggett, Bishop of Exeter who bore Ermine on a fess azure three pheons or.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Guy, Henry (1631 - 1711) (Stamp 1) Title: Guy, Henry (1631 - 1711) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Quarterly 1 & 4. Seven lozenges vair three, three and one (Guy) 2 & 3. Ermine on a fess three pheons (Atkinson or Claggett)
Crest: A sword in pale point upwards wreathed with an olive branch
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width): 110mm x 98mm
Quarterings: 1 & 4. Seven lozenges vair three, three and one (Guy) 2 & 3. Ermine on a fess three pheons (Atkinson or Claggett)
Heraldic Charges: branch (olive), Heraldic Charges: fess, on a, Heraldic Charges: lozenges (7), Heraldic Charges: pheons (3), Heraldic Charges: sword