Harington, John, 2nd Baron (1592 -1614)

John Harington, 2nd Baron Harington of Exton, was the second but only surviving son of John Harington, 1st Baron, and Anne, daughter of Robert Kelway. His father was tutor to Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King James I. Educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where he was admitted as a Fellow Commoner and founder's kin 6 July 1607, he was reputed to be a great scholar and was proficient in Greek, Latin, French and Italian. A personal friend of Prince Henry, he was made a Knight of the Bath 5 January 1605, and corresponded with him regularly in French and Latin during his grand tour. In 1613 he inherited his father's title and the debts incurred during his guardianship of Princess Elizabeth, which he made heroic efforts to pay off, but died unmarried of smallpox within a few months on 27 February 1614. His books seem to have been given to Sidney Sussex College Cambridge in 1628 by his sister Lucy, Countess of Bedford and his mother Ann, Lady Harington. They are listed in the Donors Book p.21 30.

Seat / Residence(s): Exton Hall, Rutland
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Harington, John, 2nd Baron  (1592 - 1614) (Stamp 1) Title: Harington, John, 2nd Baron (1592 - 1614) (Stamp 1)
Arms: A fret a label for difference
Crest: A lion's head erased collared and buckled and charged with a label for difference
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width): 106mm x 73mm
Heraldic Charges: fret, Heraldic Charges: lion's head
Title: Harington, John, 2nd Baron (1592 - 1614) (Stamp 2)
Arms: A fret
Dimensions (height x width): 17mm x 13mm
Heraldic Charges: fret