Hearne, John (1795 -1849)

The stamp of merchant John Hearne of 59 Montagu Square, London. He traded in Haiti, and served as consul to Sweden and Norway for Haiti. He died at the age of 54 on 4 October 1849 after a long illness.
His interests were scientific, particularly entomology, and his collection of West Indies specimens was considered the best in London. He was a member of the Zoological Society of London, the Entomological Society of London, and the Numismatic Society.

The bookbinder John Kelly of 15 Gower Place, Euston Square, London was established in 1830 and was in business at that address from 1836 1840.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Hearne, John (1795-1849)  (Stamp 1) Title: Hearne, John (1795 - 1849) (Stamp 1)
Crest: A heron's head erased ducally gorged
Dimensions (height x width): 20mm x 18mm
Heraldic Charges: heron's head
Hearne, John (1795-1849)  (Stamp 2) Title: Hearne, John (1795 - 1849) (Stamp 2)
Crest: A heron's head erased ducally gorged
Motto: Dum spiro spero
Dimensions (height x width): 21mm x 17mm
Heraldic Charges: heron's head