Hobson, Geoffrey Dudley (1882 -1949)

An important historian of bookbinding during the first half of the twentieth century, Geoffrey Dudley Hobson, was an employee of the auction house Sotheby’s in London. He produced several works of lasting significance on early English bindings, including English bindings before 1500 (1929); English bindings 1490-1940 in the Library of J.R. Abbey (1940); and Blind-stamped panels in the English book-trade c. 1485-1555 (1944). His son Anthony Robert Alwyn Hobson (1922-2016) continued his work.
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Hobson, Geoffrey Dudley (1882-1949) Title: Hobson, Geoffrey Dudley (1882 - 1949) (Stamp 2)
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Monogram: G D H