Holles, John, 1st Earl of Clare (1564 -1637)

John Holles, of Haughton in Nottinghamshire, was the son and heir of Denzill Holles of Irby in Lincolnshire (d. 1590), and Eleanor, daughter of Edmund Sheffield, 1st Baron Sheffield of Butterwicke. He was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge, being admitted Pensioner in April 1579 and Fellow Commoner in 1580, and at Gray's Inn. He succeeded his grandfather 15 January 1591, served as a soldier in the Netherlands, in the action against the Armada, in Ireland as a Captain, where he was knighted 15 October 1593, and in Hungary and Spain. Member of Parliament for Nottinghamshire 1604 1611, and Comptroller of the Household to Henry Prince of Wales 1610 1612, he was created Baron Haughton of Haughton 9 July 1616 and Earl of Clare 2 November 1624. He married, 23 May 1591, Anne daughter of Sir Thomas Stanhope, of Shelford in Nottinghamshire. His great grandson was created Duke of Newcastle..

Seat / Residence(s): Haughton Hall, Nottinghamshire, Thurland Hall, Nottinghamshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Holles, John, 1st Earl of Clare (1564 - 1637) (Stamp 1) Arms: Ermine two piles (Holles) impaling Quarterly ermine and [gules] (Stanhope)
Coronet: Earl
Impalement: Quarterly ermine and [gules] (Stanhope)
Heraldic Charges: piles (2), Heraldic Charges: quarterly
Holles, John, 1st Earl of Clare (1564 - 1637) (Stamp 2) Arms: Ermine two piles a crescent for difference (Holles)
Heraldic Charges: piles (2)
Holles, John, 1st Earl of Clare (1564 - 1637) (Stamp 3) Crest: A moor's head couped at the shoulders and wreathed about the temples
Coronet: Earl
Heraldic Charges: head, moor's