Paget, Almeric Hugh, 1st Baron Queenborough (1861 -1949)

Almeric Hugh Paget was the sixth and youngest son of Lord Alfred Paget, and Cecilia Wyndham. He was educated at Harrow and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He briefly worked for the Midland Railway in Derby before emigrating to the United States in 1881. He worked on a cattle ranch in Iowa, and as a real estate agent in Saint Pauls, Minnesota, before eventually moving to New York City, where his brother Arthur introduced him to society. In 1895, he married American heiress Pauline Payne Whitney, with whom he had two daughters. In 1901 the Pagets moved to England and settled in Brandon Park House, Suffolk. In World War I Paget formed a battalion within the Suffolk Regiment, which saw action in France with heavy casualties. In 1916 Pauline Paget died at Esher, Surrey. The following year Paget resigned his parliamentary seat, and on 18 January 1918 was created Baron Queenborough, of Queenborough, Kent. In 1921 in New York he married another American heiress, conspiracy theorist and anti-Mormon agitator Edith Starr Miller. After the marriage the Pagets moved to Camfield Place, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire, where they raised three daughters. In 1920 he was appointed treasurer of the League of Nations Union, an office he held for sixteen years. In the 1930s he was a keen supporter of fascism, and a fanatical anti-Bolshevik. He resigned from the League of Nations in 1936 in protest at the League's recognition and admission of the Soviet Union. He was made a knight grand cross (GBE) of the Order of the British Empire in 1926. Lord Queenborough served on the board of a number of companies, institutions and societies. He died at Hatfield on 22 September 1949 and, with no male heirs, the barony became extinct.

Seat / Residence(s): Brandon Park House, Suffolk, Camfield Place, Hertfordshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Paget, Almeric Hugh, 1st Baron Queenborough (1861 - 1949) (Stamp 1) Title: Paget, Almeric Hugh, 1st Baron Queenborough (1861 - 1949) (Stamp 1)
Dimensions (height x width): 16mm x 12mm
Monogram: Q
Coronet: Baron