Phelipps, Edward (1613 -1679)

Edward Phelipps, of Montacute in Somerset, was the elder son of Sir Robert Phelipps and Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas Gorges. A supporter of Charles I, following the defeat near Chard, he retreated to Exeter, and was taken prisoner when the Castle surrendered to General Fairfax, and all his estates sequestered by Parliament. He married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Pye, of Clifton Hall Staffordshire.

The stamps was evidently used by generations of Phelipps, and they are found on books published as late as 1775. Possible candidates are:
-- Sir Edward Phelipps (1631-1699), son of Edward Phelipps and Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Pye. He married firstly Dorothy Cheeke, secondly Edith Blake, of Langport, Somerset, daughter of John Blake, ironmonger, and niece and coheir of Admiral Blake.
-- Edward Phelipps (1725-1797) of Montacute, Member of Parliament for Somerset 1774. He married Maria Wright, daughter of William Wright.
-- Edward Phelipps (1763-1792), Member of Parliament for Somerset. Hearried Elizabeth Lockyer [see above, note under John Sergeant, The method of science: “Recovered out of Mr. Lockyer’s house A.D. 1798 …”]

The modern spelling in the form of Phelips seems to have been adopted by Edward Phelips in the mid-eighteenth century. Before that date the variations and combinations of vowels and letters 'l' and 'p' are endless.

Seat / Residence(s): Montacute House, Somerset
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Phelipps, Edward (1613 - 1679) (Stamp 1) Title: Phelipps, Edward (1613 - 1679) (Stamp 1)
Crest: A brazier or iron chest filled with fire
Dimensions (height x width): 33mm x 28mm
Heraldic Charges: brazier