Rhodes, Matthew John (1817 -1891)

The library of M.J. Rhodes of Cumberland was sold at auction by Messrs C.B. Tait and T. Nisbet of Edinburgh 8 July 1851. The Petrarch is lot 567 in that catalogue and the Webster lot 1090, the bindings being particularly mentioned.
Matthew John Rhodes (1817?-1891), of Eardstone House in Worcestershire, only son of Timothy Rhodes banker late of Leeds was admitted to Trinity College Cambridge as a Pensioner 14 February 1833 age 17, and took his B.A. 1839 and his M.A. in 1842. He was admitted to an ad eundem degree at Oxford University 18 May 1843 and admitted to the Inner Temple 10 November 1837. He married 20 March 1839. An M. J. Rhodes published a number of polemic tracts on Catholicism

Library Auction Details: C.B. Tait and T. Nisbet of Edinburgh (8 July 1851)
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Rhodes, Matthew John (1817-1891)  (Stamp 1) Title: Rhodes, Matthew John (1817 - 1891) (Stamp 1)
Motto: Tout vient de Dieu
Dimensions (height x width): 35mm x 31mm
Monogram: M J R
Rhodes, Matthew John (1817-1891)  (Stamp 2) Title: Rhodes, Matthew John (1817 - 1891) (Stamp 2)
Crest: A cubit arm vested charged with a cross holding a branch of oak leaves
Dimensions (height x width): 18mm x 18mm
Heraldic Charges: arm, Heraldic Charges: branch (oak), Heraldic Charges: cross