Rowan-Hamilton N/A

These are the arms of Rowan-Hamilton of Killileigh, County Down. In the nineteenth century a member of the family was an Irish patriot and a friend of Wolfe Tone. He was condemned to death by the English government, but escaping to America, he founded an American branch of the family.

Another possibility is Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865), Professor of Astronomy at Trinity College, Dublin, and an outstanding mathematician. He was an acquaintance of William Wordsworth with whom he corresponded. There was a sale at Sotheby’s 21-22 July 1983.

Seat / Residence(s): Killileigh, Down
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Rowan-Hamilton (Stamp 1) Title: Rowan-Hamilton (Stamp 1)
Arms: Gules three cinquefoils argent on a chief or a heart gules a mullet for difference
Crest: A demi antelope holding a heart a mullet for difference
Motto: Qualis ab incepto
Dimensions (height x width): 60mm x 47mm
Heraldic Charges: antelope, demi-, Heraldic Charges: chief, on a, Heraldic Charges: cinquefoils (3), Heraldic Charges: heart