Talbot, John, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (1791 -1852)

John Talbot was the eldest surviving son of the Hon. John Joseph Talbot, and his first wife Catherine Clifton, second daughter of Thomas Clifton, of Lytham, Lancashire, and the younger brother of Charles Talbot, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury. On 27 Jun 1814 he married Maria Theresa Talbot, daughter of William Talbot, of Castle Talbot, co. Wexford, by his first wife Marie Mary O'Toole. When in 1831 the principal family home at Heythrop, Oxfordshire was destroyed by fire, he moved the family seat to Alton Towers in Staffordshire. One of the principal leaders of English Catholicism, Talbot was profoundly influenced by the architectural work of A.W.N. Pugin. The Earl became Pugin’s greatest patron, not only at Alton Towers, but for church commissions throughout the Midlands. The 16th Earl was succeeded by his second cousin Bertram Arthur Talbot, son and heir of Lt Col Charles Thomas Talbot and Julia Tichborne, third daughter of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 8th Baronet, of Tichborne, Hertfordshire. The contents of Alton Towers were sold in auction by Mssr Christie and Mason at Alton Towers on July 6th 1857 on the death the 17th Earl of Shrewsbury.

Seat / Residence(s): Alton Towers, Staffordshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Talbot, John, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (1791 - 1852) (Stamp 1) Title: Talbot, John, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (1791 - 1852) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Gules per pale two lions rampant a bordure engrailed or (Talbot)
Motto: Prest d'accomplir
Supporters: Two talbots
Dimensions (height x width): 40mm x 52mm
Coronet: Earl
Heraldic Charges: bordure engrailed, Heraldic Charges: lion rampant within, Heraldic Charges: Lions rampant (2) within, Heraldic Charges: per pale