Wade, Herbert Louis (1855 -1923)

Burke's General Armory attributes the arms and crest to Wade of Hampstead and of Kilnsey in Yorkshire. The arms, with quarterings, were those of Sir William Wade, Lieutenant of the Tower of London in 1608. Judging by the rubbing, the stamp appears to be of the twentieth century. A strong possibility is Herbert Louis Wade, of Honiley Hall Warwickshire, who is listed in Burke's Landed Gentry 1939, but no arms are given.

In its early period Honiley Hall was the residence of the Count of Menlon, and subsequently passed to the Earl of Warwick. In 1553 Honiley reverted to the Crown, and a year later Queen Mary granted it to Michael Throckmorton. It then passed through Robert Earl of Leicester to the Burgoyne family of Wroxall Abbey in 1623. By 1707, the manor was owned by John Saunders, but around 1730, disaster struck and Honiley Hall was razed to the ground in a fire. The land passed to the Granvilles who sold it on to Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn in 1837. In 1913-1915 the property was completely rebuilt by Herbert Louis Wade who had purchased the site in 1913 from the Willes family. In 1999 Honiley Hall passed from the Wade family.

Seat / Residence(s): Honiley Hall
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Wade, Herbert Louis (1855-1923)  (Stamp 1) Title: Wade, Herbert Louis (1855 - 1923) (Stamp 1)
Arms: A saltire or between four escallops
Crest: A rhinoceros
Motto: Per aquas tecum
Dimensions (height x width): 63mm x 48mm
Heraldic Charges: escallops (4), Heraldic Charges: rhinoceros, Heraldic Charges: saltire between