Wallace, Richard, Sir, Baronet (1818 -1890)

Sir Richard Wallace was at one time reputed to be the illegitimate son of Richard Seymour Conway, 4th Marquess of Hertford, but it seems rather that he was his half brother, son by an unknown father of Maria née Fagniani, Marchioness of Hertford. He was known in his youth as Richard Jackson. He was educated entirely by his mother, the influences by which he was surrounded were French rather than English, and he spent most of his time in Paris, where he was well known as `Monsieur Richard'. Before he was forty, he had collected a large collection of bronzes, ivories, miniatures etc. which he sold in Paris in 1857 at a considerable premium. After this he devoted himself to helping his half brother, the 4th Marquess, with his art collection, which on the latter's death he inherited along with his fortune. During the Franco Prussian War he furnished ambulances for the French and endowed the Hertford British Hospital in Paris, and is said to have spent considerable sums on the relief of the suffering during the Siege of Paris. He was created a Baronet 24 December 1871 for his work during the siege. He married, 15 February 1871, Julie Amélie Charlotte, daughter of Bernard Castelnau a French officer. He was elected Member of Parliament for Lisburn 1873 1885, and made a Knight Commander of the Bath 1878. His widow left his collections to the British nation at her death in 1897.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Wallace, Richard, Sir, Baronet (1818 - 1890) (Stamp 1) Title: Wallace, Richard, Sir, Baronet (1818 - 1890) (Stamp 1)
Crest: In front of fern [leaves] an ostrich's head erased [collared] holding a horseshoe
Motto: Esperance
Dimensions (height x width): 31mm x 23mm
Heraldic Charges: ferns, Heraldic Charges: horseshoe, Heraldic Charges: ostrich's head