Montagu-Stuart Wortley-Mackenzie, Edward Montagu Stuart Granville, 1st Earl of Wharncliffe (1827 - 1899) (Stamp 2)

Quarterly Ist and IVth grand quarters Quarterly 1 and 4. A stag's head caboshed above two branches of laurel (Mackenzie of Rosehaugh) 2. On a bend between six martlets three roundels on a canton a fess checky (Wortley) 3. A fess checky within a double t
Dimensions (height x width): 43mm x 33mm
Heraldic Charges: bend, on a, betweenbranches (laurel) (2)canton, on aeagle displayedfess withinlozenges (3)martlets (6)roundels (3)stag's head caboshedtressure, double, flory counterflory