Unidentified Stamp

Unidentified Stamp
Dimensions (height x width): 26mm x 22mm
Monogram: B
Initial: B
Coronet: Earl
In 1696 the initial and coronet suggest the following British earls, Bedford (Russell), Bridgewater (Egerton), Bristol (Digby), Bolingbroke (St John), Berkshire (Howard), Banbury (Knowles), Bath (Grenville), Burlington (Boyle), Berkeley, and Bradford (Newport). The style of the stamp suggests that it is contemporary to the book. The style of the initial B is very similar to that used by the Dukes of Buccleuch. However, Anne Scott, Countess of Buccleuch should be discounted, since she used the title for only 3 years, 1661-1663, when she married James Croft who became the Duke of Buccleuch.