Unidentified Stamp

Unidentified Stamp
Crest: A cockatrice wings displayed tail nowed
Dimensions (height x width): 24mm x 17mm
Coronet: Viscount
Heraldic Charges: cockatrice
Fairbairn’s Crests gives the following families as bearers of this crest: Baillie of Scotland, Benger of Kent; Cooke; Hewett; Hunloke; Hutchinson; Prendergast of Ireland; Trevor; and Twisden or Twysden. For the last he gives various English Baronets of the name. None of the above were viscounts. Parker, James. A glossary of terms used in heraldry adds: Dancye, Lancaster; Langley, Lancaster; Ashenhurst, Derby, none of whom were viscounts Burke’s General Armory identifies the family of Cooke who used the crest as having the arms Sable three bends or, Mark Trevor, Viscount Trevor had the crest A wyvern wings elevated and tail nowed sable ducally gorged, but he died and with him the line in 1706. The later peers of that name bore the cockatrice on a chapeau, the family of Twysden produced two baronets but no peers.